5 ways to bring the salon home to you

Compromise on your daily manicure or your perfectly arched brows is unimaginable for beauty obsessives.
Finding new techniques to acquire the same benefits we get from salon visits, however, has become crucial as we have recently tightened our budgets.
Fortunately for those who enjoy beauty, there are several products available to help you keep your little luxuries and bring the salon home, even in the current environment.
Want to experiment with new beauty procedures in the convenience of your home?
You may bring the salon to you in five different ways.

DIY dye your brows

Getting the ideal brow shape and shade for you is simpler than ever thanks to the increased number of brow cosmetics on the market. By tinting your brows at home, you may top off the shade as often as you’d like to prevent those uncomfortable “in-between appointment” days while also saving money. Always perform a patch test before attempting this at home, don’t forget!

Give yourself a gel manicure

One of our most expensive beauty rituals can be getting a manicure on a regular basis. Why not try your hand (pun intended) at gel manicures if you love to have top-notch nails at all times but don’t want to spend money on routine appointments? A gel set offers considerably greater longevity than regular polish, lasting up to four weeks, and you may experiment with countless styles, patterns, and colors to fit your personality.

Get a home waxing kit

Even while the idea of performing your own waxing at home makes you wince at first, it’s much simpler than you might realise. Hair can be removed safely, easily, and successfully with a variety of products available on the market, and it can take up to four weeks for hair to grow back. Waxing not only shortens the time between hair removal appointments and is an excellent way to prevent ingrown hairs, but it also eliminates the need for another aesthetic procedure.

Treat yourself to a relaxing facial

Pampering shouldn’t only be done on special occasions, and applying a face mask in the privacy of your own bathroom is one of the simplest methods to take yourself to the spa. Stock up your cabinets with these relaxation miracles because there are countless excellent masks available to address any skincare condition, whether you’re putting one on in the bathtub or unwinding with a sheet mask while watching a movie.

Nail your bouncy blowdry

With a brand-new, bouncy blowdry, you can look salon-fresh every single day. You can get salon-quality results every time you style your hair with a little practise, whether you like the traditional method of using a round brush and drier or a hot brush. Who wants to hire a personal stylist?

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