THIS is how to prolong your hair’s shine

We all want to have strands that shine like glass. It can be challenging to get the glossy hair we all desire, and even more challenging to retain them once we do. This is because there are numerous variables in the environment and our beauty regimens that can diminish shine.

What causes dull hair?

According to the professionals, there are many different things that might harm hair, including chemicals, heat, pollution, dirt, and debris.

Hair type

Experts clarify that “natural hair texture can alter shine level.” Shine arises from light reflection off the surface of the hair. The shine improves with surface flatness. As a result, hair that is straighter seems more shiny than hair that is wavy. The tighter the curl formation hair can often look matt or dry, this is because light cannot reflect as easily off the surface.


Oil is one prevalent factor in diminished shine, according to experts. “This is easily contaminated by dirt, dust, and debris, which makes hair appear dull. Additionally, it may cause the hair to bunch up, decreasing the surface area that light can reflect off of. Thus, oily hair doesn’t look particularly attractive “.

Expert identifies three primary factors that contribute to oily hair:

  1. Applying conditioner or oils directly to the scalp is a product misuse that overburdens the roots, which already produce natural oils.
  2. The scalp needs to be cleansed frequently to maintain its balance and health, whether it is under- or over-cleaned. Expert says, “I would suggest washing your hair either every day or every other day.”
  3. An imbalance in the bacteria that live on your scalp can cause a variety of issues, including excessively oily scalps.

Hair hydration

Expert: “Moisture is essential for healthy hair.” He emphasises that “hair might look dull and lifeless if it is dry.” He continues, “There are several things that can cause moisture loss, including hot style, excessive heat and UV exposure, chemical damage, and environment.” He explains that because hair absorbs and emits moisture from the environment, it is affected by humidity and weather. He continues, “If the hair’s surface has been harmed by any one of the aforementioned factors or by all of them combined, the hair loses its capacity to accomplish this naturally and needs support in absorbing moisture but not releasing it.

Chemical damage

An expert explains that hair colouring can reduce shine, but only when done improperly or excessively. He suggests using the number of hair care products like Vegan Cleansing and Moisturizing Shampoo with Aloe Vera 300ml to take care of coloured hair because it is “designed to cleanse and rid hair of colour dulling impurities whilst protecting colour radiance and shine, conditioning, hydrating, and smoothing the hair surface, plus strengthening the hairs internal bonds.”

How to prevent hair from losing shine

Expert: “Keeping hair clean and consistently moisturised is crucial.” As a first step in boosting hair shine and health, he suggests adhering to a straightforward yet efficient routine of cleansing, conditioning, and protecting every day or every other day. “To improve the overall look and feel of your hair, I would also suggest using a weekly treatment mask.

Hair masks

Using hair masks is a terrific technique to improve shine. They contain a wealth of potent active components that will change hair and make it shine more. Once a week, I would advise using a mask at home. Utilize this time to practise self-care.

Leave-in sprays

Additionally, experts advise utilising a leave-in spray to improve the lustre of your hair. My preferred shine-boosting items are Styling Effect Volume & Elasticity Heat Protection Styling Mousse 150ml. It is a product that brings salutary results for your hair. The formula with an innovative styling polymer gives the hair optimal volume without over-stiffening and sticking.

Heat protection

One of the crucial measures to enhancing shine, according to an expert, is to use 100% heat protection. This will prevent heated style from damaging the hair’s surface and will help the hair retain moisture and shine.

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